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December 2015

Polish workers in the UK

The LRD has recently been working with the Polish Institute of Public Affairs (ISP) on a project looking at the extent to which Polish workers in the UK join unions and are able to protect their rights at work.

One of the results is a booklet, in Polish, encouraging Poles to join unions in the UK. Called Pracujesz w Wielkiej Brytanii? Korzystaj z brytyjskiej ochrony! Co warto wiedziec o brytyjskich zwiazkach zawodowych - (Do you work in Britain? Make use of British protection. What it's worth knowing about British trade unions), it explains that Polish workers in have the right to be protected by a union just as other UK workers have, and it indicates some of the things unions have achieved for their members.

There are also two individual cases studies of Polish workers who have benefited from their union membership: Agnieszka, who works as a manager in a cinema, and Tomasz who is a cook.

Finally, the booklet says that Polish employees should either ask to join their union at work, or they should contact the TUC to see which union would be appropriate.

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