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March 2014

LRD carries out large scale survey of working women over 50 for UNISON

LRD carried out a survey of more than 5,500 women over 50 for the public sector union UNISON.

The survey found:-

  • 61% of women of 50+ work full-time

  • 20% work 25-34 hours

  • More than 50% of women aged 60-64 work full-time

  • 33% 65+ are still working full-time

  • 25% of women 50+ who work part-time because that is all the hours available in their job

  • 33% say they would increase their hours; 50% of those in lowest grade jobs say the same

  • 25% of women 50+ work part-time because they can manage financially

  • Nearly 10% of women have more than one paid job

  • More than 33% would like to move to a higher grade/job

  • Fewer than 6% feel they have good promotion opportunities

  • Fewer than 50% feel they have good training opportunities

However, there is also a problem for women who wish to reduce their hours, but cannot. They have to work full time, or more hours to stay in employment; they have no choice.

40% of the women working full-time said they would work fewer hours if they could.

Reasons cited for cutting hours include: wind down before retirement; outside interests; health issues; need to care for dependents.

Fewer than 50% who asked for new working patterns have been able to do so to their satisfaction.

The full report of the survey Women deserve better is available on the UNISON website

Women deserve better report


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