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January 2009

'Good Practice' for agency workers

This report compiled for the North West TUC by the Labour Research Department focuses on good practice in union agreements covering agency workers.

Although many agency workers have lost their jobs at the start of this recession, employers may end up using more agency workers because they are so "disposable". They have fewer rights and are often paid less. New rights on agency workers' pay and conditions are on the horizon but need to be strong enough to make a difference.

Unions have campaigned for the implementation of the Temporary Agency Workers Directive and will be pushing this year for its strongest possible implementation and enforcement. But they also have a direct role to play in representing agency workers in the workplace. They can have an impact on health and safety, pay, terms and conditions, employment security and "inclusion".

The report includes detailed case studies covering six workplaces and organisations in the North West show how unions can help:-

  • Manchester Joint Hospitals Project
  • Manpower
  • Tesco Distribution
  • Salford City Council
  • Fujitsu Manchester
  • British Cattle Movement Service

The full report can be downloaded from www.fairtoagencyworkers.org/good-practice-for-agency-workers


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