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30 November 2005

New booklet from LRD: Safety reps in action
Union safety reps make workplaces safer and save lives by preventing injuries and ill health.

Now LRD's latest booklet uses findings from our own extensive survey of safety reps, alongside academic research, to detail how they have secured workplace improvements through negotiation and collective action.

Safety reps in action describes how reps are tackling long-established and new hazards, campaigning on occupational health issues and using novel approaches to get results.

It reveals how safety reps are addressing health and safety issues in the areas of:

* sex, disability and race equality;
* the working environment - temperature, ventilation, slips and trips etc;
* hazardous substances such as asbestos;
* work equipment, from visual display units to protective clothing;
* physical hazards including noise and vibration;
* working time, from screen breaks to holidays;
* information on workers' health; and
* stress, bullying and violence.

And Safety reps in action also sets out safety reps' rights to inspect workplaces, investigate incidents and get time off for training, and makes the case for extending their powers.

Written for union officials and safety reps alike, this booklet is a unique manual of examples that reps can borrow from, copy and build on in their own workplaces.

Notes to editors

1. Safety reps in action is published by the Labour Research Department, 78 Blackfriars Road, London SE1 8HF, price ?5.70. LRD booklets are also available on subscription at an annual cost of ?33.45 (?76.95 for employers/commercial organisations). LRD publishes 10-11 booklets each year.

2. The Labour Research Department is an independent trade union and labour movement organisation founded over 90 years ago. Around 1,800 trade union organisations, including 55 national unions and representing 99% of total TUC membership, are affiliated.

3. For press enquiries on this booklet, contact Paul Hampton on 020 7902 9824. To order copies of the booklet, telephone 020 7928 3649.

4. Full information about all of LRD's services and publications is available on the LRD website at www.lrd.org.uk

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