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01 July 1998

Survey reveals surge in equal pay claims and record level of compensation
The annual survey of equal pay cases by the trade union negotiators' magazine Bargaining Report shows a surge in equal value cases with 45 new cases compared to an increase of 28 last year. The survey also found that the overall sum which unions have gained for members in settlements is at an all time high, coming to almost ?8 million

Equal pay for work of equal value cases are becoming quicker to resolve _ fewer than one in five cases (17%) have been in the legal process for more than three years, compared to more than one in four (27%) in the 1993 Bargaining Report survey.

The survey also found that more than half of all equal value claims now settle outside the tribunal _ this is the first time that a majority of cases have finished in this way. The proportion of cases rejected by tribunals has fallen, from 21% last year (and 22% the year before) to 19% in the latest survey _ five years ago tribunals were rejecting 28% of claims.

However, the survey reveals that although equal value claims are being dealt with more quickly, like work claims, which had previously been resolved relatively speedily, are beginning to experience delays.

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