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01 April 1998

LRD launches unique bargaining information service on the Internet
The Labour Research Department launched its exciting new Internet pay and conditions information service PayLine in April.

Now, through the World Wide Web, union negotiators, reps and researchers have got instant access to information on pay rates and increases, working hours and holiday entitlements from around 2,000 collective agreements covering major public sector employers like the NHS and hundreds of private sector companies across all industries.

The PayLine Internet service has evolved from the Labour Research Department's highly-regarded pay and conditions database developed over the past ten years and used to analyse collective bargaining trends and to provide comparative pay and conditions information.

Information on pay rates for a specific occupation, or the latest settlements in a particular industry by region, plus a wealth of other bargaining information can now be easily accessed through PayLine using its simple search screens.

Rodney Bickerstaffe, general secretary of Britain's largest union UNISON, speaking at the well-attended LRD PayLine launch last week, said of the service:

"I believe that LRD PayLine offers something that no union can provide to its members _ comparisons between about 2,000 collective agreements and more than 8,000 pay rates across the country in all industrial sectors and across the public and private sectors. UNISON has been keen to get such a service going, both for our members, but also as a resource for the trade union movement as a whole. UNISON has invested in it and we hope many others will too."

Notes to editors

A demonstration version of LRD PayLine can be seen at LRD's website at http://www.lrd.org.uk./lrdpay. This version contains around 80 agreements beginning with the letter A.
For further information about the PayLine service, subscriptions to it and demonstrations contact LRD's IT specialist Tessa Wright on 0171 902 9817.

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