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25 August 1997

LRD publishes action guide to stress, bullying and violence at work
Stress, bullying and violence are serious workplace hazards. As with other health and safety problems in the workplace, trade union reps need a thorough understanding of their causes, effects and how to tackle them and ultimately eliminate them.

LRD's latest booklet is a comprehensive guide to stress, violence and bullying at work. In each case it looks at the extent of the problem, at who is most affected, at the causes and effects and at the measures trade unionists can take against these hazards.

The booklet sets out what the law has to say in each case and at how it can be used, with examples from relevant case law. Crucially it sets out how trade unionists can develop a preventative approach, providing numerous examples from union- negotiated agreements, policy documents and initiatives at workplace, company and national level.

Notes to editors

Stress, Bullying and Violence - a trade union action guide is published by the Labour Research Department, 78 Blackfriars Road, London SE1 8HF, price ?2.70 or ?10 for non-labour movement bodies.
LRD Booklets are also available on subscription at an annual cost of ?23.75 (?61.00 for non-labour movement bodies). LRD publishes 11 booklets a year.
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