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05 May 1999

?750 standby lump sum or eight times normal hourly pay rate for working over the Millennium
While health workers are contemplating industrial action over the NHS's failure to offer a national agreement on Millennium working, the trade union negotiators' magazine Bargaining Report finds many employers in essential services and other industries have already agreed on substantial extra payments for employees on standby or working over the Millennium weekend.

Payments agreed for working over the holiday range from flat rate bonuses to multiples of the basic salary, plus standby rates.

Standby payments range up to ?750 - this is what IT and other non-contracted staff at the AA will get for being on standby over the Millennium weekend.

Payments for being at work, or called in to work, over the holiday weekend start from triple time for the night of 31 December, for example at the Bradford & Bingley Building Society, up to eight times salary at Midland Bank for some grades working any hours between 6pm on 31 December and 2pm on 1 January.

Other agreements, like that at BT, recognise that the inconvenience of working over the Millennium is the same for all staff, regardless of salary, and are paying flat rate bonuses of up to ?55 per hour on top of the 2.5 times normal pay rate for working on 31 December or 1 January.

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