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16 April 2012

Labour Research Department - AGM Keynote Address

The LRD Annual General Meeting keynote address was given by Lucille Thirlby, Deputy Head of Local Government (UNISON).

The Local Government Green book agreement covers 1.4 million council staff - 48 councils predominantly in the south-east have opted out of the agreement. Two-thirds of employees covered by the agreement earn less than £21,000. Local government pay, with the exception of pay at the top, has fallen sharply in real terms since 2009. 2012/13 is the third year for which local government pay has been frozen.

The Tory-controlled Local Government Association is unwilling to negotiate on matters of substance with trade unions. The government is trying to bring an end to national pay. Local authorities have been attacking pay, allowances and terns and conditions (including Part 2 Key National Conditions).

UNISON's response includes use of the Equality Act 2010 and engaging local government employers through the regional Provincial Councils.

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