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07 October 2011

New legal guide provides practical advice on dealing with redundancy

A clear understanding of redundancy law and associated workers' rights has never been more important than in the current deep economic downturn. According to the latest figures from the Office for National Statistics, over 150,000 people lost their jobs through redundancies in the three months to July 2011, the largest quarterly increase since August 2009. The figures also incorporate the largest fall in public sector employment since 1999 and the trend is set to continue.

The Labour Research Department's new booklet, Redundancy law - a practical guide, is a completely updated edition of its comprehensive guide to the legislation in this crucial area. This valuable resource will help union reps and others dealing with redundancy and ensure they have a thorough and up-to-date understanding of the law and best practice.

All areas of redundancy law are covered, from the definition of a redundancy situation to the circumstances in which employers have a duty to consult trade union or other employee representatives. Workers' rights are clearly and concisely explained in relation to:

  • selection for redundancy;

  • individual and collective consultation;

  • offers of alternative work;

  • redundancy pay, insolvency, taxation and benefits;

  • lay-offs and short-time working; and

  • employers' obligations to offer alternative employment.
  • Besides enabling reps to point to the specific sections of employment law that confer redundancy-related rights, Redundancy law - a practical guide also contains a wealth of relevant case law to indicate how courts and tribunals have interpreted the legislation.

    For further information about the research contact Nerys Owen nerys@lrd.org.uk

    Redundancy law - a practical guide (120 pages) is available from the Labour Research Department, price ?10.40.

    For details of bulk order copies and prices contact Shenaz Navaz shenaz@lrd.org.uk


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