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19 September 2008

Monitoring and surveillance at work - a guide for union reps

The installation of cameras in workplace toilets and electronic tagging of employees are just two of the types of unreasonable surveillance by employers which LRD has uncovered in the course of producing its latest booklet, covering monitoring and surveillance at work.

As in society generally, technical developments have given employers a huge range of opportunities for monitoring and surveillance of employees in recent years. Union input through the negotiation of workplace policies is vital to protect workers from the worst abuses of their privacy.

Monitoring and surveillance at work - a guide for union reps explains the types of techniques being used, including CCTV, vehicle tracking devices, radio frequency identification and electronic tagging, performance monitoring, lie detection technology.

The guide sets out the human rights and data protection law in this area, but it also notes the range of employer activities that are not prohibited, including CCTV recording, email monitoring, phone and web use monitoring, use of performance monitoring equipment and getting information from credit agencies.

The major focus of the booklet is to provide the information and guidance needed to negotiate a workplace policy that protects employees from having their privacy violated and their job unreasonably threatened.

Notes to editors:
  • Monitoring and surveillance at work - a guide for union reps is published by the Labour Research Department, 78 Blackfriars Road, London SE1 8HF, price ?4.65. LRD booklets are also available on subscription at an annual cost of ?37.25 (?29.25 for affiliates). LRD publishes 10-11 booklets each year.

  • The Labour Research Department is an independent trade union and labour movement organisation founded 96 years ago. Around 2,000 trade union organisations are affiliated, representing more than 99% of total TUC membership.

  • For press enquiries about this booklet contact Stephanie Peck, tel: 020 7902 9825, email: speck@lrd.org.uk

  • To order copies of the booklet tel: 020 7928 3649 or order online at http://www.lrd.org.uk/ where full information about all of LRD's services and publications is available.

Download: Press Release: Monitoring and surveillance at work (pdf file, 20 KB)


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