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06 December 2006

Christmas cheer in the City
As news of exorbitant City salaries and Christmas bonuses fill the newspapers Labour Research has looked at company reports to find out how much some City workers can earn.

Labour Research has trawled the company accounts of City firms to see just how much City workers can earn and found that not only do large numbers of City directors take home in excess of ?1 million a year but many employees bring home six figure sums.

Many City firms have to disclose a total pay bill for directors and the pay of the highest paid director, but this individual does not have to be named. Based on this criteria Labour Research has looked into the salaries awarded at some of the top City firms and has come up with some staggering figures: it found 44 directors had ?1 million plus pay packets (see table below) - and this is by no means an exhaustive list. According to the Labour Research's snapshot survey, Silchester International Investors has the highest paid director - chairman Seven Butt - on ?12.88 million a year.

The annual reports also have to give the total pay bill for employees and the average number that worked for the firm over the financial year - this makes it possible to calculate an average pay figure. Labour Research's search again revealed some impressive sums.

Fund manager Park Place only has eight employees but they earned on average ?526,750 in 2005. The 55 employees at fund manager Lansdowne Partners were on average earnings of ?433,330 in 2005.

The HSBC bank revealed that five employees received a total of ?35.2 million in 2005, down slightly on the 2004 figure of ?35.9 million. The bank does not reveal exact figures, but one employee earned up to ?10.3 million, another up to ?8.1 million, a third up to ?6.9 million, followed by two on up to ?5.2 million and ?5 million respectively.

Most companies do not reveal details of bonuses handed out during the year in the annual reports as there is no obligation to do so - but two do. In the year to March 2006 the merchant bank NM Rothschild paid out ?153.4 million on annual and long-term profit share to directors and employees - almost 85% more than the 2005 figure of ?83.5 million - this made the bonus pay-out two and a half times the basic salary bill of ?58.4 million. And financial services group Numis Securities said incentive payments to employees totalled ?10.6 million in the year to September 2005 against ?6.5 million the year before - a rise of almost two-thirds.

Neal Moister, who carried out the research for the Labour Research article, said:
“These figures show just how big the pay gap is between City workers and the rest of the country. Not only are there individuals earning exorbitant sums but they are also have them topped up by equally extravagant bonuses.
“This money is often spent on property and is a prime contributor to the high cost of housing in this country, particularly in London and the South East, and this can have negative repercussions for everyone else.”

44 City directors on ?1 million or more

Company (year end) Highest paid director (?000)
Silchester International Investors (4.06)12,884
Bluecrest Capital Management (11.05)11,250
NM Rothschild & Sons (3.06)8,251
Man Investments (3.06)6,874
Barclays Bank (12.05)6,424
Goldman Sachs International (11.05)6,355
Morgan Stanley International (11.05)5,672
Pentagon Capital Management (12.05)4,535
JO Hambro Capital Management (3.05)3,648
Bear, Stearns International (11.05)3,591
Financial Risk Management (12.05)3,277
Sloane Robinson Investment Services (3.05)3,226
Gartmore Investment Management (12.05) 13,146
Man Financial (3.06)2,822
Barlays Global Investors (12.05)2,715
Jupiter Asset Management (12.05)2,412
Texas Pacific Group Europe (12.05) 22,351
Merrill Lynch, Pierce, Fenner & Smith (12.05)2,350
Apax Partners Holdings (3.06) 32,296
Investec Bank UK (3.06)2,168
Walter Scott & Partners (3.05)2,020
Cenkos Securities (11.05)2,001
Merrill Lynch International (12.05)2,000
ABN AMRO Asset Management (12.05)1,947
Clayton, Dubilier & Rice (12.05)1,937
Credit Suisse Securities (Europe) (12.05)1,890
Hermes Investment Management (12.05)1,771
Morley Fund Management Group (12.05)1,676
Henderson Administration (12.05)1,632
Goldman Sachs Group Holdings (11.05)1,628
Collins Stewart Europe (12.05)1,601
Mizuho International (3.06)1,570
Winterflood Securities (7.05)1,568
Winton Capital Management (12.05)1,542
Close Brothers Corporate Finance (7.05)1,539
JP Morgan Cazenove (12.05)1,502
Legal & General Investment Management (12.05)1,396
HBOS Treasury Services (12.05)1,354
Schroder & Co (12.05)1,287
Doughty Hanson (12.05)1,281
Park Place Capital (12.05)1,257
UBS Global Management (12.05)1,142
Numis Securities (9.05)1,059
Lazard & Co (12.05)1,040
1 includes golden handshake
2 13 months? pay
3 15 months? pay

Editor?s notes

The full article will appear in the December edition of Labour Research and also comes attached with this press release.

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Labour Research Department press releases are also available on the LRD website at http://www.lrd.org.uk
For further information contact Neal Moister on 020 7902 9224.

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