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"Once LRD have been briefed, they just get on with the job without any fuss. They keep you informed of progress throughout the project. LRD reports, both written and oral are of very high quality. The NUT would definitely use LRD services again and, indeed, we have recently commissioned additional pieces of work."

John Dixon, Assistant Secretary, Head of pay, conditions and bargaining, National Union of Teachers

LRD researchers have many yearsí experience of carrying out quantitative and qualitative research for trade unions and related organisations, including:

  • Surveys - both internet-based and hard-copy based
  • Interviews and case studies - telephone, internet-based or face to face
  • Freedom of Information requests
  • Desk-based research - for example literature reviews, analysis of official statistics and corporate accounts
  • Production of publications, such as customised guidance booklets
  • Content for union websites

For further details about how LRD can meet your research requirements, and our current daily research rate, contact Research Manager Clare Ruhemann on 0207 902 9823.

LRD carries out TUC Equality Audit in TUC anniversary year

September 2018
The Labour Research Department has carried out the 2018 TUC Equality Audit - the ninth such audit since the series began in 2003 and all of them conducted by LRD....

ETUC Annual Gender Equality Survey 2018

July 2018
Lionel Fulton, the LRDís secretary has cooperated with Cinzia Sechi, an adviser from the European Trade Union Confederation, to produce the ETUC Annual Gender Equality Survey 2018. This is the...

New LRD report on the gender pay gap

March 2018
The Labour Research Department has produced a new report on the gender pay gap Ė the difference between menís and womenís hourly pay Ė for the European Public Service Unions...

TUC seminar on prospects for pay bargaining in the private sector

January 2018
The TUC seminar on 20 January 2018 brought together trade union officers leading on pay bargaining to discuss trends and prospects for pay bargaining in 2018. Lewis Emery, Pay Researcher at...

Guide to tackling psychosocial risks in central government

January 2018
A new guide to tackling psychosocial risks at work, which was researched and written for the European Social Dialogue Committee for Central Government Administrations by LRD secretary Lionel Fulton, has...

NUT 'help and advice' website

July 2017
LRD researchers have provided information and guidance on a number of topics for the help section of the NUT teaching unionís website. The latest issues we have covered are insolvency,...

TUC web content on employment rights

June 2017
LRD has produced up-to-date content on work rights and health and safety for the TUCís workSMART website. This is an open-access website giving workers information on your rights in areas...

ETUC Annual Gender Equality Survey.

May 2017
Lionel Fulton, the LRDís secretary has cooperated with two advisers from the European Trade Union Confederation, Cinzia Sechi and Barbara Helfferich, to produce the 10th ETUC Annual Gender Equality Survey....

Tackling psychosocial risks at work

March 2017
LRD secretary Lionel Fulton has researched and written a new guide to tackling psychosocial risks at work. The guide provides EU-wide comparative information on the scale and impact of psychosocial risk...

LRD carries out FOI survey of universities for Unison

February 2017
In November 2016 LRD sent out Freedom of Information requests to all universities and collated information for Unisonís Higher Education Service Group. The FOI request included information on minimum and maximum...

Model equality agreements for GMB

February 2017
LRD researchers have drawn up four model policies for the GMB general union for use by reps and negotiators. They are on surveillance at work, domestic violence, carers and maternity....

Survey of doctors finds 'environmental homophobia'

November 2016
Seven in 10 doctors and medical students who are gay, lesbian or bisexual have suffered from "environmental homophobia", according to a project carried out by LRD for the British Medical...

Report on Latvia highlights the countryís problems

November 2016
As part of its work for public service unions in Europe, LRD has carried out background research for a report on Latvia produced by the unions and a group of...

LRD carries out eleventh TUC safety reps survey.

September 2016
LRD has again carried out the TUCís biennial survey of safety reps Ė the 11th in the series. The report is based on a survey of over 1,000 safety representatives...

LRD conducts eighth TUC Equality Audit 2016

August 2016
The TUC Equality Audit 2016, covering collective bargaining around equality issues, has been published. It is the eighth in the series - all of which have carried out by LRD.The...

LRD research on employment of BME workers in local government

June 2016
UNISON believe that there is a need for the provision of more regular, detailed and systematic data from national, regional and local government bodies on the employment, pay and working...

Impact of the economic crisis on prison staff

June 2016
A new report on the impact of the economic crisis on prison staff has been written by LRDís secretary Lionel Fulton for EPSU (European Public Service Union). The report was based...

LRD research for ETUC on women in unions/labour market

May 2016
The Labour Research Department has this year been asked to undertake the annual 8th March survey for the European Trade Union Confederation (ETUC) on the position of women in unions...

EESC: The crisis and the evolution of labour relations in the UK

April 2016
The evolution of labour relations in the UK since the crisis is the focus of a new report by the Labour Research Department for the European Economic and Social Committee...

Polish workers in the UK

December 2015
The LRD has recently been working with the Polish Institute of Public Affairs (ISP) on a project looking at the extent to which Polish workers in the UK join unions...

CAWIE 2 project - new report published by ETUI

September 2015
After the recession, policy across Europe shifted towards the idea that collectively-agreed wages have been excessive, leading in some countries to attacks on wage bargaining institutions and more decentralisation. A...

LRD produces report on the impact of austerity on tax collection for EPSU

December 2014
The Labour Research Department has produced a report on tax and austerity for the European Federation of Public Service Unions (EPSU). The report shows that European and indeed world leaders...

LRD carries out eleventh TUC Safety Reps Survey

October 2014
Stress, bullying and harassment, overwork, back strains and slips, and trips and falls on a level were the top five hazards cited by respondents to the TUC's 11th safety rep...

LRD carries out seventh TUC Equality Audit

August 2014
The TUC Equality Audit 2014 has now been published. It is the seventh in the series, all of which have been carried out by the Labour Research Department.The Audit has...

LRD research on green workplaces

July 2014
LRD undertakes research for the TUC on the impact of unions on greening the workplace LRD has carried out research for the TUC looking at the extent to which unions have...

LRD carries out large scale survey of working women over 50 for UNISON

March 2014
LRD carried out a survey of more than 5,500 women over 50 for the public sector union UNISON. The survey found:-61% of women of 50+ work full-time20% work 25-34...

Gender pay gap in public services (EPSU)

March 2014
The report of a new European Public Services Union (EPSU) survey carried out by the Labour Research Department has been published. The report highlights trade union action to...

LRD survey shows high stress levels in the civil service

January 2014
LRD was commissioned by the public and civil service union PCS to conduct a major survey of stress among its members at the end of 2013. Almost 8,000 staff...

Freedom of Information requests expose low pay in higher education

November 2013
LRD was commissioned by UNISON and the NUS to use freedom of information (FOI) requests to research the extent of low pay and outsourcing in higher education. An FOI request...

Collective bargaining in Europe (CAWIE project)

November 2012
LRD took part in the CAWIE (Collectively agreed wages in Europe) project. The central aim of the CAWIE project is to improve knowledge on the development of collectively agreed wages...

LRD carries out tenth TUC safety reps survey

November 2012
LRD carried out the 10th biennial TUC safety reps survey.The five most frequently cited hazards in 2012 were: stress, bulling/harassment, overwork, back strains, and slips, trips and falls on a...

LRD carries out sixth TUC Equality Audit

September 2012
The TUC Equality Audit 2012 has now been published. It is the sixth in the series, all of which have been carried out by LRD. The 2012 Audit covers equalities...

LRD carries out Green Workplaces Survey for the TUC

May 2012
The ETUC's Green Reps campaign aims to develop and share good practice among trade unions across the EU, working in different ways to promote green and sustainable workplaces.More than 1,200...

LRD carries out equality audit for the TUC

September 2011
The TUC Equality Audit 2011, produced by the LRD, is now published.The audit covers equality-related developments in unions' rules, membership and structure, actions as employers, services and training and campaigns...

Widening the gender gap: a report on women's pay and jobs in Europe

July 2011
A new study by the LRD shows that cuts in pay and jobs in public sector have widened the gap between men's and women's pay.The study, carried out for the...

The wrong target - Public sector pay cuts in EU states

December 2010
The LRD has carried out a study on behalf of the European Federation of Public Service Unions (EPSU) looking at cuts in public sector pay across the European Union (EU).The...

Union officials use of ACAS conciliation services

October 2010
LRD undertook research for ACAS on the use and non-use of ACAS conciliation services. At its centre was a full, structured survey to map officials' views, strategies and...

Stress is top concern for safety reps in 2010

October 2010
Stress, bullying and harassment, back strains, slips, trips and falls, and overwork top the list of workers' safety concerns, according to the TUC's biennial survey of safety reps, carried out...

European public sector unions response to migration

June 2010
A new report examining the challenges of migration and how unions are responding has recently been produced by the LRD for the European Federation of Public Service Unions (EPSU). It...

LRD carries out equality audit for the TUC

October 2009
The Labour Research Department earlier this year carried out the prestigious and comprehensive TUC Equality Audit 2009, which was launched at Congress in September 2009. It provides a hugely detailed...

Research shows unions are the real green champions for tackling climate change

June 2009
The Labour Research Department has published the results of a TUC survey on climate change. LRD received 1,301 responses to the survey in February-March this year, with detailed responses from...

Research shows how workers lose out because of the cap on redundancy payments

February 2009
The Labour Research Department has carried out research looking at the effect of the cap on redundancy pay for unions backing Lindsey Hoyle MP in his attempt to increase the...

TUC Apprenticeships booklet

February 2009
The TUC commissioned LRD to produce a guide on apprenticeships for union negotiators and reps, Apprenticeships are union business, which was launched at an event hosted by unionlearn...

Translation provides access to German union material

February 2009
As part of its ongoing co-operation with the union-linked Hans B?ckler Foundation in Germany the Labour Research Department has translated a number of articles from the Foundation's fortnight newsletter Impuls....

'Good Practice' for agency workers

January 2009
This report compiled for the North West TUC by the Labour Research Department focuses on good practice in union agreements covering agency workers.Although many agency workers have lost their jobs...

Impact of restructuring on health

January 2009
LRD contributed to a project co-ordinated by the CGT in France which examined restructuring and its effect on workers' health. There were also contributions from Spain, Bulgaria and Hungary...

LRD compiles dossier on directors' pay at banks for Unite

November 2008
Labour Research Department has compiled a detailed dossier for Unite exposing the pay of senior executives in the financial services taken from annual reports, between 2003 and 2007. The...

Report shows safety failures led to firefighter deaths

November 2008
There has been a sharp increase in firefighter deaths in the last five years, a report for the FBU firefighters' union has found. The report, In the line of...

TUC biennial survey of safety reps 2008

October 2008
Stress and musculoskeletal disorders topped the list of workers' safety concerns, according to the TUC's biennial survey of safety reps, carried out by the Labour Research Department. In the survey three...

Tackling attacks on fire crews - report for the Fire Brigades Union

February 2008
This follow up report for the FBU supports the union's campaign to address the issue of deliberate attacks on its members. The report revealed that over 40 attacks on firefighters take...

LRD provides comparative tables detailing employee rights to representation at workplace level in EU

November 2007
Work carried out by the LRD for the union-linked Hans Boeckler Foundation in Germany, allows users to compare employees' rights to workplace representation in all 27 countries of the European...

LRD again undertakes Equality Audit for the TUC

August 2007
As on the two previous occasions, the TUC in 2007 asked the LRD to carry out its two-yearly Equality Audit of its affiliates. This is a comprehensive survey of unions'...

European Trade Union Institute uses LRD as a source for its web pages

June 2007
The European Trade Union Institute (ETUI), the research and education body of the European Trade Union Confederation, has turned to the LRD to produce the bulk of the information it...

LRD translates articles from the Hans Boeckler Foundation's information service into English

March 2007
As part of its research work the LRD has translated some of the recent articles produced by the Hans Boeckler Foundation - the research and education body linked to the...

GMB commissions LRD to compile Polish workers’ rights at work leaflets

January 2007
LRD has produced a series of employment rights leaflets in Polish for the GMB union. The leaflets outline key rights including pay and the...

TUC Equality Audit

September 2005
The TUC equality audit arises from a Congress decision in 2001 which followed the recommendations of the TUC Stephen Lawrence Task Group. Last published in 2003, the 2005 audit was launched...

Attacks on firefighters - report for the Fire Brigades Union

April 2005
This report supports a campaign by the FBU to address the issue of deliberate attacks on its members. Using interviews with firefighters, the report provides an overview of the issue, outlining...

Can people with HIV work? An employment perspective from the UK

January 2005
Information on working with HIV, based on a survey of employers and employees undertaken by Positive Futures, a partnership of HIV charities supporting people living with HIV and AIDs, including...

Off the Run - Fire Brigades Union

September 2004
The FBU and the National Retained Committee launched a campaign in Autumn 2004 to highlight the enormous problem of the recruitment and retention of firefighters on the retained duty system....

Who is 'under-saving' for retirement? - Age Concern

July 2004
Millions of ordinary working people are on track for a poverty-stricken retirement, warns an Age Concern report. Builders, shop workers, hotel staff and factory workers are some of the many...

Gender sensitive health and safety/atypical work - European Agency for Safety and Health

May 2004
LRD worked in partnership with the Italian training organisation INCA (linked to the CGIL union federation) and Emergence, a research organisation linked to the CGT union federation on a project...

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